Free Flight Forum Reports – Contents

YearArticle TitleAuthor
1985Measuring the Stiffness and Predicting the Flutter Characteristics of a Wakefield WingIan Kaynes
1985FAI Glider Design with Computer AssistanceMartin Gregorie
1985Current Developments in F1CStafford Screen
1985Ways of Winning Glider ContestsMike Fantham
1985The Development of Russian WakefieldsRon Pollard
1986Larrabee Propellers – a Design Application for Free-Flight AircraftReg Boor
1986Ether-less Diesel FuelsRobert Dulake
1986Performance of Model Aircraft Gliding in the Critical Range of Reynolds NumbersMartyn Presnell
1986Covering Model Aircraft Using Plastic FilmJohn O’Donnell
1986Design and Flight Simulation of Indoor Duration Models Using a Home ComputerBernard Hunt
1986CO2 Duration TechniquesSteve Philpott
1986Introduction to the Use of Composite Materials in Free-Flight Model AircraftChris Edge
1986Current Developments in F1C – an Up-date on the 1985 PaperStafford Screen
1986Structures for Free-Flight ModelsMike Fantham
1987The Development of Stepped Turbulators and Thoughts on Wing Profile AerodynamicsJohn Buskell
1987A Computer Simulation of Wing Structures Under LoadBryan Spooner
1987Development and Testing of Indoor PropellersBernard Hunt
1987Aluminium Foil Covering of Wing SurfacesStafford Screen
1987Delayed Propeller Release SystemsJohn O’Donnell
1987Structures for Free-Flight Models (Part 2)Mike Fantham
1988Use of Hi-Tech MaterialsMike Woodhouse
1988Thermal Detection – or Is It?Mike Evatt
1988Blade Element Propeller Simulation Applied to Indoor Competition FlyingDave Pymm
1988Team Selection and Training – an International ComparisonMike Warren
1989The Hand-Launched Glider – History, Construction and TrimmingAndrew Crisp
1989Free-Flight – What, How and Why?Dave Hipperson and Mike Warren
1989A Method for the Qualitative Assessment of Indoor Rubber MotorsBernard Aslett
1989Changing ClassTony Cordes
1989The Physical Behaviour of Rubber Strip Motors to F1B Specification and the Effects of Heat Treatment on PerformanceRon New
1989Rubber Model Trim – Right-Right versus Right-LeftMike Woodhouse
1989F1A Up-dateJim Baguley
1990The Stalling PhenomenonMike Woodhouse
1990F1A DevelopmentPer Findahl
1990How to WinJohn O’Donnell
1990F1E – an Explanatory PaperSteve Philpott
1990F1B 1965-1990Jim Baguley
1990RATV – Rudder and Tilt VeeringGeorges Matherat
1991Elegy for L‚/100Peter Michel
1991Coupe d’Hiver – Some Aspects of DesignPeter King
1991Free-Flight in Germany and Some Approaches to Wing StructureBernard Sauter
1991Taming the BuntChris Edge
1991Model RetrievalJohn Carter
1991More Hi-Tech AeromodellingMike Woodhouse
1991Weather for Free-FlightSteve Philpott
1992F1C Motors – Selection, Set-up and OperationDave Clarkson and Andy Cordes
1992Aeromodellers Can Do It Upside DownBernard Aslett
1992Coupe d’Hiver ExperiencesAnselmo Zeri
1992Some French TipsGerard Nocque
1992Team Preparation for World ChampionshipsMichael Warren
1992A Place in the Team – How It FeelsTrevor Grey
1992A Plain Man’s Approach to 1/2AMike Bull
1992Some Throughts on Flying Bunt F1APer Findahl
1992Radio Tracking of F/F ModelsMike Woodhouse
1992Radio Tracker InstallationRussell Peers
1992Tail-less Rubber – The Way It’s DoneAndrew Longhurst
1993Shock Waves – A New Problem with F1C PropsDave Clarkson
1993F1C Motor DevelopmentAndy Cordes
1993The Thinking Man’s Approach to Contest FlyingTrevor Grey
1993Rubber – Use and AbuseMike Evatt
1993Some Thoughts on F1AMike Fantham
1993Wing “Wigglers” for F1BMike Woodhouse
1993Composite Construction Methods for Open Rubber ModelsPhil Ball
1994Reflections ‘93Mike Fantham
1994To Positive Results From Negative ThinkingMick Page
1994F1B DevelopmentMike Woolner
1994Propeller Design Review`John Barker
1994My Way with GlidersAndy Crisp
1994Competition VintageChris Strachan
1994The FAI and Free FlightIan Kaynes
1995The Cover StoryMike Woodhouse
1995Model Flying – An Introduction to AviationMike Colling
1995Pragmatic Procedures for Practical PropsJohn Barker
1995Development of Unbraced F1DsBernard Hunt
1995Improvements in Wakefield Climb and DurationPeter King
1995First ImpressionsPaul Chamberlain
1995Production of ABCA (Aluminium, Balsa, Carbon, Aluminium) Booms for F1C and F1J ModelsStafford Screen
1995Electric Free Flight – Some ThoughtsSteve Auvache
1995Quicker Composite StructuresChris Edge and Mike Fantham
1996Indoor Foam Scale ModelPeter Smart
1996Indoor Scale Foam – The Norwich WayRichard Crossley
1996Simplicity for Free-Flight PowerKeith Hoover
1996A Further Change in ApproachMike Woodhouse
1996My Approach to Power FlyingGeorge Fuller
1996Flapped Power ModelsPhil Ball
1996F1B DevelopmentBob Cheesley and Phil Uden
1996Debate on Builder of the Model RuleProposed by Martin DillyOpposed by John O’Donnell
1997Slow Open Power – One Man’s ViewDave Clarkson
1997Vintage LightweightsAndrew Longhurst
1997Testing Balsa QualityBernard Hunt and John Taylor
1997Return of an Old TosserChris Edge and Mike Fantham
1997Some Rambling Thoughts on Free-Flight Aeromodelling Design TrendsAndrew Crisp
1997Electronic Timers – An OverviewChris Edge and Martin Gregorie
1997Selecting Slippery StuffJohn Barker
1998Computer-Aided F1A Fuselage LayoutMike Fantham
1998Fast Track To F1C FlyingJohn Cuthbert
1998Micro-Meteorology and ThermalsMark Gibbs
1998The Latest Thinking in F1B TrimmingPeter King
1998F1A Tailplane StructuresMike Fantham
1998Is the Weather Better on Sunday or Monday?Phil Ball
1998A Practical Introduction to Electric Free-FlightJohn Godden
1998Avionics and the Future of Free-FlightMike Fantham
1998GPS – A Global Position PaperJulian McCormick
1998Builder of the Model – Where Next?Mike Fantham
1999F1B RamblingsBernard Aslett
1999Tip TopicsJohn Barker
1999Ultra-Small Directrional Antennas for Model LocationMike Evatt
1999Ohm on the Range – Flying of Electronic Timer-Equipped F1A’sChris Edge and Paul Chamberlain
1999Climb Simulations and the 20 Minute Open Rubber ModelPeter King
1999Where Are We Going To Fly?Paul Masterman
1999Do We Need Balsa?Mike Evatt
1999Discussion on the World Cup Format and International ContestsIan Kaynes
1999To Gear or Not to Gear – That’s no QuestionMartin Hepperle
2000Open ElectricJohn Thompson
2000Trimming F1CsJohn Cuthbert
2000I Think I’ve solved It, Jim!John Barker
2000A Practical Approach to Propeller Design at Model ScaleJohn Gibbings
2000The Use of Boost-Glide Rocket Structures in Free-FlightNigel Bathe
2000Two-Stroke Engine Design and Development for Free-FlightGordon Cornell
2000Prop PickerJohn Barker
2000Design Implications of the New F1D RulesBob Bailey
2000Free-Flight Scale Trimming and Trouble ShootingAndrew Hewitt
2000Free-Flight Forum Discussion on FAI Rule Change ProposalsMike Evatt
2000Structures for Open RubberPhil Ball
2001The Pleasures of Indoor Model FlyingLaurie Barr
2001Rubber RamblingsBernard Aslett
2001Chucking and Cursing (Hand-launched Gliders)Andy Hewitt
2001Why Fly F1E Magnet?Trevor Faulkner
2001Improving Contest Performance Through NutritionPaul Chamberlain
2001Binoculars for TimekeepersDave Clarkson
2001My F1A System – What Can Go Wrong Does Go WrongPeter Williams
20011/2A and F1J DevelopmentsPete Watson
2001Heat It Up Scotty (An Epoxy Curing Oven)Martin Gregory/Chris Edge
2001The Timperley Flight Scoring SystemDave Clarkson
2001Free-Flight TomorrowMike Woodhouse
2002Electric Free FlightJohn Godden
2002The 30 grm F1BMike Woodhouse
2002Developments in Slow Open PowerDave Clarkson
2002Catapult GlidersPhil Ball
2002Free Flight Diversity – Strength or Weakness ?Chris Strachan
2002Computers in Free FlightMike Evatt
2002Contests in Restricted SpaceJohn Godden
2002Flying the New Rule F1D’sBob Bailey
2002Propeller Pivotting for Flat FoldingJohn Barker
2002Variable Pitch Props for Coupe d’HiverJohn Bailey and Mike Evatt
2003Introducing Data Into SpreadsheetsJohn Barker
2003Compass, Maps and GPS – the Tools of the RetrieverMike Fantham
2003Laminated Sliced RibsMartin Dilly
2003Flat-Bottomed Sections for Power ModelsDave Clarkson
2003Some Aspects of DragJohn Barker
2003A New Method of Rubber TestingBernie Hunt
2003Get Jiggy With It – Cutting Jigs in Composite StructuresChris Edge
2003Sanding Dihedral Joints in Composite StructuresMike Fantham
2003A Christmas Torque – F1G and F1B Torque MetersJoe Flynn
2004ForwardMike Evatt
2004Catapult-Launched GlidersJohn Barker
2004Drum SanderPeter Watson
2004F1H GlidersJohn Cooper
2004Constructing Carbon Fibre PropellersJohn Cuthbert
2004Accurate Power Model Incidence Setting JigStafford Screen
2004Discuss Launched GlidersPhil Ball and Andrew Hewitt
2004Is it OK Now, Terry?Chris Edge and Ray Jones
2004The Free Flight Auto Pilot – Blunt Leading Edge and Advanced High Point Tailplane AirfoilsGerd Woebbeking
2004HLG’s and Boost Gliders – A ComparisonStuart Lodge
2004A History of Geared F1C’sJohn Cuthbert
2004Carbon Spar JigRussell Peers
2004Findeers BeepersJohn Worsley
2004Dismantleable Engine StarterPeter Watson
2004Hand – and Catapult – Launched glidersMark Benns
2004Testing P30 Airfoils and Turbulators in the Cargo Lifter SpaceGerd Woebbeking
2004F1B PropsMike Evatt
2005Further Developments with Discus Launched GlidersAndrew Hewitt
2005György Benedek, 1921-2004Martin Dilly
2005Update on F/F Discus HLG DevelopmentsPhil Ball
2005Electric ShenanigansJoe Flynn
2005Electric Indoor Free Flight and the Me. 323Peter Smart
2005Groovy GraphicsBob Cheesley
2005Low Aspect Ratio F1A’sAndy Crisp
2005The Future of Free-Flight – One Year OnMike Woodhouse
2005Having a Go at Mini-VintagePhil Ball
2005The Current State of F1DGeoff Lefever
2005Turbulators and InvigoratorsPeter King
2005Rubber Density MeasurementGeorge Waby
2005Buy or BuildJohn Carter
2005Vintage Wakefields in a Modern ContextChris Strachan
2005Better Shell MouldingsChris Edge
2005Construction and Flying of Indoor Duration ModelsClive King
2005Getting More out of RubberJohn O’Donnell
2005Propeller Efficiency RevisitedMike Evatt
2006Amazing SitesNick Aikman
2006F1Q – International ElectricTrevor Grey
2006A Tail Tilt Adjusting ToolRussell Peers
2006Advanced Composites Don’t Have To Be DifficultMike Francis
2006Gadget-Free Discuss Launched GlidersMark Benns
2006The Effect of Five Airfoils on F1B DurationPeter King
2006British PowerTony Cordes
2006Have You Got the TimeMike Woodhouse
2006Outdoor Free-Flight ScaleBill Dennis
2006Promoting a Technical SportNick Bosdet
2006Design and Construction of Indoor Model PropellersBob Bailey
2006Making F1C BoomsKen Oliver (presented by Stafford Screen)
2006Predicting ModelFlight DynamicsIan Kaynes
2006Head for Heights – Recording AltimetersMike Fantham, Chris Edge and Alan Jack
2007An indoor initiation by F1DMark Benns and Nick Aikman
2007Taking the Tension Out of winding – or Does it?Mike Evatt
2007Combined glider – A Truly inclusive Class?Stuart Darmon
2007Rule changes for UK Free Flight for 2007BMFA FF Technical Committee
2007A Fish-Bone Press for your D-BoxMartin Dilly
2007Open Rubber Rules for 2007Ron Pollard
2007The 50 Gram Open Rubber ModelPeter King
2007Gurney Flaps on Free Flight ModelsGeorge Seyfang
2007Oven Baked Propeller ConstructionDave Greaves
2007Practical Rubber TestingMike Woodhouse
2007Rubber Motor Testing for Indoor Duration ModelsClive King
2007Outboard Horizontal Stabiliser Configuration for Model AircraftGeorge Seyfang
2007BMFA Rubber Models with a 50 Gram Rubber AlowancePhil Ball
2007Variable Pitch Propellers for Indoor ModelsBob Bailey
2007The Effect of Stabiliser Sections on Towline Glider HandlingMartin Gregorie
2008Beyond Rubber Stretch TestingPeter King
2008Indoor Wood SelectionBob Bailey
2008Measuring SuccessMike Woodhouse
2008Review of the 2007 BMFA and Combined Rubber Contest SeasonPhil Ball
2008Small Rubber Models as an intro to Free FlightChris Strachan
2008The Lottery of WinningGeorge Seyfang
2008Aborted Launch SolutionsChris Edge
2008Lutz Schramm’s F1D (Carbon and Kevlar Propeller Outlines)Nick Aikman
2008Transportable Wind TunnelsGeorge Seyfang
2008Comments on Thermal Picking andAlan Jack
2008Related Matters in Odessa ’07
2008Balsa for Indoor ModelsMark Benns
2008The Zombie Flight Profiler:Jonathan Crossley
2008Advanced Motor Control for Electric Free Flight
2008Thoughts on SafetyManny Williamson
2008Electronic TimersRoger Morrell
2009The ‘Torqueback’ Trimming SystemRoger Wilkes
2009Free Flight Rubber-Powered Scale ModelsLindsey Smith
2009Brushing Up – Brushless MotorsTrevor Grey
2009Balsa and Carbon Rod StructuresRoger Wilkes
2009Free Flight European Championships 2008 – The Team Manager’s ThoughtsMike Woodhouse
2009Sharing Flying Sites with General AviationChris Strachan
2009A Brief Look at Contest Entry Trends Over the Last 20 YearsPhil Ball
2009Rohacell D-BoxesMark Croome
2009Production of Carbon F1C and F1J BoomsRay Monks
2009RCDT – the PolicyTrevor Grey
2009How to Push the Button – Practical RCDTChris Edge
2009Producing Carbon-Capped Ribs on a Lathe-Powered Saw TablePhil Ball
2009Laser Cutting for Free FlightLeon Cole
2010All About Flying F1A with a Circle Tow HookPer Findahl
2010A Bodger’s Approach to SLOPDave Limbert
2010The Important Aspects of Successful FF Scale ModelsAndy Hewitt
2010Testing Coupe MotorsPeter Hall
2010More Classes or Fewer, Separate or Combined?Chris Strachan
2010Controlling Electric Motors for Free FlightTrevor Grey
2010Machining an F1J Front EndSimon Dixon
2010F1Q – A Power Flyer’s ApproachTony Shepherd
2010Different Ways with D-BoxesTrevor Grey
201050 Gram Open RubberJohn O’Donnell
2010CADCAM for AeromodellingLeon Cole
20102009 Models of the YearPhil Ball
2011Making Carbon Tubular Spars and Other Amusing TechniquesMick Lester
2011Up the Pole – Endeavours in Electronic Air PickingRoy Vaughn
2011Wing Construction Without a Contoured Surface JigChris Edge
2011A Radio Linked ThermistorPeter Brown
2011F1E Slope Soaring GlidersIan Kaynes
2011Some Aspects of Construction – D-boxes, Carbon Spars, Open Rubber Fuselages, Fins and PropellersNeil Cliff
2011Engines by DesignPeter Halman
2011Laminated Propeller BladesBryan Spooner
2011My Approach to F1B and How I Come to Be Using a Single Blade PropRay Elliott
2011Six Successful British Models from 2010Collated by Phil Ball
2012AnodizingSimon Dixon
2012Playing with PistachiosPaul Seely
2012Model aircraft construction with emphasis on F1GNeil Cliff
2012Experience with electronic timer design and useAlan Jack
2012F1D Indoor TopicsMark Benns
2012Review of invigorators as an aid to stable flightNeil Cliff
2012Model construction using brown paper gum stripIvan Taylor
2012Printing tissue for modelsPaul Seeley
2012Indoor rookies abroad – a team supporters viewAllan Weighell
2012Experience in BMFA Electric in 2011 and rule changes for 2012Chris Strachan
2012Grappling with a slippery one (Low Drag Airfoils)Chris Edge
2012Rice pudding skin pullers – 2011 rules for E30Peter Tolhirst
2012Some notable models from 2011Selected by Phil Ball
2013John O’Donnell – an AppreciationAndy Crisp
2013A Knotty Problem (Rubber Winding)Peter Hall
2013Stability of Scale Indoor Free Flight ModelsAndy Sephton
2013The Role of Radio Transmissions in Free FlightStuart Darmon
2013A Propeller Copying MillPeter Brown
2013Model Aircraft Technology with an Emphasis on F1BNeil Cliff
2013Catapult Launched Glider TechnologyPhil Ball
2013Electric Bikes for Free Flight Model RetrievalBrian Baines
2013Wrestling with a Slippery One (LDA Airfoils)Chris Edge
2013Free Flight in Britain – What’s the Future?Phil Ball
2013F1A Development and Contest SuccessStuart Darmon
2013Indoor Model Steering for DummiesMark Benns
2013Around (Model Aircraft) Construction in 80 SecondsNeil Cliff
2013In addition there are plans and articles on six of the most successfull free flight models of 2012. Pilfrered Pearl – Peter Watson, Skumkiller – Adam Beales,
2013Dinah-Mite – Norman Marcus, E-30 – Peter Tolhurst, Cat.3 Ceiling F1D record holder – Mark Benns, Mr. Blue Sky catapult glider – Phil Ball
2014Simple CoupesGavin Manion
2014BMFA Rubber – Not Just an Over-powered WakeIvan Taylor
2014In Praise of Simplicity: Tilting at WindmillsAlan Jack
2014P-30 – Does Size Matter?Chris Redrup
2014What’s All the Flap About?Alan Jack
2014One Man’s Way with F1AJohn Carter
2014GPS Tracking SystemIan Kaynes
2014The Free Flight Programme, its Future and the FFTC PhilosophyMike Woodhouse
2014E-36 – What Now?Peter Tolhurst/Tony Shepherd
2014What Did You Do at the Weekend, Sir?Simon Firth
2014A Few Successful British ModelsPhil Ball
2014Previous Free Flight Forum Reports
2014This year’s Free Flight Forum Report is dedicated to the memory of Ron Firth, who in 1960 launched Northern Area News, Britain’s first free-flight news letter, and of Victor Stamov, one of the pioneers of bunt-launching and composite construction for gliders, a past F1A World Champion, and enthusiastic international contest organiser.
2015Recent F1D DevelopmentsTony Hebb
2015Electronic Timers for F1BMike Woodhouse
2015Personal Observations on Classic Power ModelsJohn Thompson
2015The F1Q MysteryTrevor Grey
2015Experiences with Electronic TimersRoy Vaughn
2015Free Flight, Flying Sites & the BMFADave Phipps
2015The Cursed S - Why Won’t It Keep Going Up?Alan Jack
2015Rubber Powered Kit Scale CompetitionAndy Hewitt
2015New Ideas for the F1 RulesMike Woodhouse
2015Revisiting Rubber Scale 55 Years OnIvan Taylor
2015Some Interesting & Successful Models from 2014Phil Ball
2016Indoor Scale Free Flight GlidersAndy Sephton
2016Juniors in Free FlightMark Gibbs
2016Carbon Fibre for AeromodellersMick Lester
2016The Making and Testing of F1B Rubber MotorsPeter Brown
2016Computations at Low Reynolds Number and a New Aerofoil for F1G (Coupe d'Hiver) ModelsAlan Brocklehurst
2016Carbon Fibre Covered Prop Blades from Simple ToolingPhil Ball
2016Weather Forecasts - How Good Are They and How to Interpret ThemMark Gibbs
2016Capitalising on Low Drag Aerofoils and All ThatAlan Brocklehurst
2016Basic Propeller TheoryAndy Sephton
2016Methanol to LithiumPeter Watson
2016Some Interesting & Successful Models from 2015Phil Ball
2016Dave Greaves 1942-2016 - An Appreciation
2017A Lightweight Power Model Starter BoxSimon Dixon
2017Jigs and FixturesMike Woodhouse
2017Measuring the Shape of Aerofoils: Knowing What You've Got and How to Evaluate it!Alan Brocklehurst
2017Sopwith SnipeMike Smith
2017Encouraging Children to Fly Free-FlightMartin Pike
2017An Altogether Different Man's Approach to F1A GliderStuart Darmon
2017Developments with Carbon Skin WingsMick Lester
2017Buying Parts and Subcontracting Work OutMike Woodhouse
2017A Removable Radio DethermaliserRussell Peers
2017Calculations on Non-Smooth Aerofoils at Low Reynolds Numbers:- The Potential Benefits of Lumps and Bumps!Alan Brocklehurst
2017Cheapo Carbon Tubes in Lightweight Flying SurfacesGavin Manion
2017Life as an Aeromodeller Editor-Andrew Boddington
2017Aeromodeller CoversAndrew Crisp
2017To Buy or Not to BuyJohn Carter
2017My Approach to Buying F1C Models and ComponentsKen Faux
2017Notable Models of 2016
2018F1D Prop Selection for Slanic 2017 European ChampionshipsTony Hebb
2018The Power EggJohn Emmett
2018Use and Abuse of GPS Model TrackersChris Edge
2018Designing for BMFA Scale CompetitionsAndy Sephton
2018Generating Youngsters’ Interest in AeromodellingJohn Jacomb
2018Experience with Making Carbon/Foam "Moulded" WingsAlan Jack
2018A Rubber Stranding DeviceRussell Peers
2018Small Field FlyingJohn Ashmole
2018A Last Hurrah for the Outsize Open GliderStuart Darmon
2018All in a Day’s RetrievingMike Woolner
2018Why FAI?Stuart Darmon
2018A Simplified Description of Electric Drives for Free Flight ModelsAlan Jack
2019Only Joules and ForcesPeter Watson
2019Classic 1/2A ModelsSimon Dixon
2019Trimming the Sopwith SnipeMike Smith
2019Russell StripsRussell Peers
2019Testing June 2016 Tan Super Sport in April 2017Tim Chant 
2019Developments in Carbon Wing ConstructionStuart Darmon
2019Buckminster – We’ve Got It; How Can We Use It?Gavin Manion/Stuart Darmon
2019The Management of ModelsMike Woodhouse
2019Combined BMFA Rubber and CdH (F1G)Phil Ball
2019Drone Legislation and Free FlightDave Phipps
2019The Rate of Climb of Model AircraftDr. John Gibbings
2019A Review of Contemporary FAI Space ModellingStuart Lodge
2019GPS versus Radio TrackersMike Woodhouse
2019About TimeChris Edge
2019“W” Style Geodetic Ribbing for Model Aircraft and MicrolightsDenis Oglesby
2019Flat Plates, Cambered Plates and Coupe AerofoilsAlan Brocklehurst
2019FAI Free Flight Since the BoMStuart Darmon
2020Warps - Right way? Wrong way? What way? Mike Woodhouse
2020Moment Arm - A Novel Stability and Control Arrangement George Seyfang
2020How Big Should I Build My Next Coupe? Alan Brocklehurst
2020Scale Matters Ivan Taylor
2020Evgeny Verbitski - An Appreciation
2020Do Freewheelers Drag? Spencer Willis
2020The Hammer and the FeatherAram Schlosberg
2020The Performance of Rubber MotorsJohn Gibbings
2020Gurney Flaps George Seyfang
2020Gyros in Free Flight Scale Ivan Taylor
2020A Glass ActRussell Peers
2020A Glider for Every OccasionStuart Darmon
2020A Love Letter to the Free Flight Community Bernard Guest