North Luffenham Free Flight Permit

The British Model Flying Association (BMFA) has been authorised to manage and control the use of North Luffenham Airfield (the Airfield) for trimming free-flight model aircraft.

This note concerns Fee Flight trimming on non-contest days.  A separate agreement covers competition days.  A season ticket does not cover airfield fees on competition days.  Free Flight Competition days are open to any BMFA free flight flier. The use of the Airfield for flying radio controlled models is managed by the Rutland Radio Flyers Club.

The principal aim is the safe and responsible use of the Airfield by season ticket holders. Particular care is required if the Airfield is being used simultaneously by free flight season ticket holders, The paragliding club – Rutland Air Sports and the Rutland Radio Flyers Club.  All season ticket holders must observe field discipline and comply with the Air Navigation Order, all BMFA safety codes as contained in the BMFA Members’ Handbook and Civil Aviation publication (CAP) 658.

Access to the Airfield is at all times by permission of the Army stationed at St George’s Barracks and will only be available to those holding a free flight season ticket card issued by the BMFA.. Members are to present the card as required to the Guardroom and any Army security staff. If you are not in possession of this card then you cannot fly!

No season ticket card holder is allowed to invite a guest to use the Airfield for trimming purposes.

Before continuing, please read the protocol for the use of North Luffenham for Free Flight Permit holders by clicking the link below.

Protocol for using North Luffenham

North Luffenham Free Flight Permit Application Form

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