FREE FLIGHT AREA MEETING 04/03/18 **Cancelled**


After due consideration, checking out current conditions across the country and probable weather forecasts, it has been decided to cancel the area meeting scheduled for this coming Sunday. This cancellation is made not only because of difficulties with the use of the area sites but with respect to travel conditions that are currently being experienced. The FFTC has a duty of care to the free flight community and does not wish to put any of the community at risk of physical harm. Currently in some of regions there are red and yellow weather warnings posted and we the FFTC cannot in good faith ignore these warnings.

This decision has not been taken lightly and does not create a PRECEDENT for the future but is simply a result of the current extremely difficult weather conditions.

The FFTC will discuss at the March meeting the effect of this decision and advise the outcome and any further actions.

Michael J. Woodhouse Chairman FFTC