Stonehenge and Equinox Cup, Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd September

It’s the Stonehenge Cup on Saturday 2nd September and Equinox Cup on Sunday 3rd, both covering F1A/B/C/P/Q classes.   Events will start at 09.00.  There will be 5 rounds plus fly-offs flown from a flight line. The Max for round 1 will be 240 seconds. All other rounds will be 180 seconds Max. These maximum times and program may vary according to circumstances.

The venue is Salisbury Plain, where the site is situated to the south of the B390 between Shrewton and Chitterne and will be signposted from the B390.  GPS coordinates for the site entrance are 51°11’29.53”N, 1°57’32.59”W.   Please contact for any queries.