Salisbury Plain Area 8

Driving on Salisbury Plain.

We have frequently been reminded by the authorities that allow our access to Area 8 of,

  1. The need to drive and behave safely, as it is a potentially dangerous place.
  2. Respect the environment, as it is a conservation area with numerous vulnerable species.

More recently all users of the Plain have been asked to avoid creating any new vehicle tracks.

The Salisbury Plain Military Lands Byelaws 1983, state that a driver may only leave the road (Public Right of Way), by 15 yards, and then only to park. For practical reasons, the interpretation of this can be somewhat liberal for our purposes.

Three farmers have grazing licences for Area 8, and an annual hay crop is taken from the plateau. Their rights and livelihoods must be respected.

This leads to the conclusion that vehicle movements should be kept to a minimum on grassy areas, and any motorised retrieval should be confined to the well-established tracks.

We never know who is watching our behaviour on any of our few remaining flying sites.


Peter Watson.  FFTC Area 8 liaison.